Alex Mathias Profile PictureAlex Mathias Profile Landscape Picture

Alex Mathias

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Andrei Roubailo Profile PictureAndrei Roubailo Profile Landscape Picture

Andrei Roubailo

25 years' experience trading in physical commodities

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Daniel Hersberger Profile PictureDaniel Hersberger Profile Landscape Picture

Daniel Hersberger

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Joël Borgo Profile PictureJoël Borgo Profile Landscape Picture

Joël Borgo

First-Rate Client Service Opens Door to Brokerage Success

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Laurence Parisod Maillefer Profile PictureLaurence Parisod Maillefer Profile Landscape Picture

Laurence Parisod Maillefer

Every day I put my knowledge and expertise to work for our clients

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Luis Picazo Profile PictureLuis Picazo Profile Landscape Picture

Luis Picazo

Having a London based legal partner can help resolve difficult situations faster

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Natalia Gelinard Profile PictureNatalia Gelinard Profile Landscape Picture

Natalia Gelinard

To remain positive in all circumstances and efficient, it's the key of success and the result of a good execution.

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Nico de Deugd Profile PictureNico de Deugd Profile Landscape Picture

Nico de Deugd

Happy to see that the company is thriving as well without my involvement, remaining a leading broker in the Black Sea region

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Veronique Blanc Profile PictureVeronique Blanc Profile Landscape Picture

Veronique Blanc

I like to think that I keep the ship afloat

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Vicorus Operations Team Profile PictureVicorus Operations Team Profile Landscape Picture

Vicorus Operations Team

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