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CAES International
Harry James

The team at CAES International Limited, with over 75 years of trading experience and management between them, provides In-House training courses to the Cereals and Oilseeds trading community.

The courses give participants a founding knowledge of the principles upon which the trading business functions, a picture of how the different parts all fit together thereby enabling them to improve their contribution to their companies,

The courses are tailored to the clients specific requirements with a programme that extends from understanding the global economics of commodity trading through the core aspects of contracts, charter parties and delivery execution.

The courses are practical with an emphasis on case-study exercises in administration, payments, shipping and dispute resolution as well as market studies on pricing-economics, position-management and strategic analysis.

Trade association membership


The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations (FOSFA) is a professional international contract issuing and arbitral body concerned exclusively with the world trade in oilseeds, oils and fats with 975 members in 79 countries. These members include producers and processors, shippers and dealers, traders, brokers and agents, superintendents, analysts, shipowners, and others providing services to traders.


We are an international Trade Association with over 1400 Members in 86 countries. Our aim is to promote international trade in grain, animal feed materials, pulses and rice and to protect the interests of our members worldwide, providing the support and international contacts they require.

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