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Joël Borgo

Grain & Feedstuff Broker

Nationality: Swiss / Italian
Languages: French / English
Working at Vicorus since: January 2016

After studies of accounting in a Professional Services Networks in Lausanne, Joël had the opportunity to start working on physical Feedstuff and Grain market for two different Brokerage Companies. After 4 years as a broker of Agri-commodities, Joël decided to join Vicorus S.A. in 2016 to improve his knowledge and provide to work in a team.

Joël has a particularly strong knowledge and good network in North African and European Feedstuff markets. Alongside his daily market analysis and in depth knowledge of the markets in which he works, he tries to give a quality service to the customers with whom he works. During his free time, Joël is a passionate of winter sports and football.

Contact Details
Phone: +4121983 24 72
Skype: joelborgo