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Laurence Parisod Maillefer

Manager Operations

Nationality: Swiss
Languages: French, English
Working at Vicorus since: September 2011

A firm believer that any good trader needs to fully understand execution and administration. She started her career by André & Cie and spent 7 years learning all from operations as well as started trading rice.

She then joined Nidera (Suisse) S.A. where she spent the next 10 years in the rice trading. In 2011 after birth of her second daughter she had opportunity to join Vicorus S.A. to run the Operations team.

Energy spent in the daily work to make customer satisfied by the professional support she gave them is her best reward.

A proud mother of two, she and husband Guy make time for their children by working 80% of the time.

Contact Details
Phone: +41 21 983 24 33
Skype: laurenceparisodmaillefer